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Adventures In Chattahoochee Hollar

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"Another tender and beautiful masterpiece. Important lessons always come disguised as simple entertainment in Mrs. Foxley's stories. Like the Uncle Remus tales of long ago life lessons, and more importantly, lessons about our Lord are couched in a palatable blend of speculative fiction that is ultimately consumable. Always a delight to read, the writer has outdone herself with this one. I loved it." - Florida

"Adventures in Chattahoochee Hollar is a delightful tale of the adventures and misadventures of Travis, a young fox that stays in one scrape after another! The author's lighthearted, Christian approach to every day problems of the modern family is excellent reading for young and old alike! The youngsters will enjoy the fox family antics while the adults will relate to the lessons and morals taught thru the trials that the fox family experience.
The book is fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat until I finished each chapter! The reading is truly and "experience"! I would recommend these stories to anyone!"
- Ohio

The Stories

Playin' Hooky

The Inner Struggle

The Mysterious Bag

On Eagle's Wings

The Heart of a Father


How to become born again

Poetry and Song


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